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Holly Kearl is an activist, writer, and nonprofit professional based in the Washington, DC-area. Her work focuses on gender-based violence and gender equality.


  • Holly is an international consultant for UN Women's Safe Cities Global Initiative.
  • She also does consulting work for AAUW.

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Nonprofit Leadership:

  • Holly is the founder of Stop Street Harassment, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to documenting and ending gender-based street harassment worldwide through public education and community mobilization. Read about the work of SSH.
  • Donate to help fund a national study on street harassment.

  • From 2007 - April 2013, Holly worked at AAUW, managing programs that address issues like sexual harassment in schools and workplace discrimination.

  • From 2004-2007, she worked in various roles at the National Women's History Museum.



  • Holly regularly speaks around the country about topics like street harassment, sexual harassment in schools, and sexual assault in the military.
  • She also regularly gives media interviews for outlets like USA Today, BBC News, New York Times, CNN, Associated Press, NPR, Washington Post, Guardian, Ms. magazine, Cosmo magazine, ABC News, Feministing, and Jezebel.

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